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Few of the quotes by Acharya Mital

  • Body identification is the cage in which we have trapped ourselves.

  • Any divisiveness breeds fighting.

  • All spiritual theories spring up in unawareness, in awareness none of those are needed, infact all of them magically disappear.

  • If man is fighting for some cause then that cause is merely accidental; the actual cause of external fighting is the fight within one’s own mind.

  • If one wants to quite the mind through some means then some means then some means would always be needed without really achieving the end.

  • The search for meaning of life ended with the end of searching

  • Some divide on caste, others on religion, sects, gender or nationalities.  Some unwisely wise may divide between those who do not divide and those who divide! For really wise there is nothing which is divisible.

  • Love is showering all around but be around wise as only around them you start seeing all around love.

  • To judge a wise is to fail in judgment, just be without judging and that could be your best judgment.

  • Each moment birth, each moment death; such a moment beyond birth and death - a life moment.

  • Ego is afraid of death, 'let-go'. This does not 'let-in' life.