About Acharyaji

Acharya Mital is considered a master and authority in Tantra-Mantra, Yoga, Sanskrit and wisdom traditions.  As a Sadhu, Yogi and mystic, his insights come from years of personal experience.  One finds in him East melting with the West to become One.  For years he has preferred to lead a life of silence and solitude.  His insightful talks, discussions and silence have given light to several people.  At times one can see him engaged in penetrative discussions; at other times listening and consulting people of all types; sometimes guiding meditation sessions; and still at other times in hilarious entertaining talks.  His logical method of explaining takes one to a realm beyond logic.  His love for misguided and stressed urban people, and compassion for poor rural people keeps him enthusiastically engaged in spreading the real knowledge and also benefits of selfless projects.

He had been interested in meditation and spirituality since childhood.  That propelled him to study Vedanta, Yoga and other world philosophies.  He got drenched in the meditative spirit of the various spiritual places, while undergoing hardcore pursuit of spirituality with Sanskrit texts.  He has previously worked as a software technology consultant.  He left U.S. to further the spread of life affirming, non-sectarian, all inclusive dimensions of Vedas and of world spirituality.

He has been conducting ‘PranDhyan’ courses for teaching meditation, Yoga and effortless living.  These courses have been highly acclaimed by the intelligent and intellectual class.