First step is the last

Damaru was eccentric but he was known for his wit.  People liked his company.  Once he was taken to a five start restaurant by his friend who wanted to know from him about Truth.

As soon as Damaru went in he was dazed by the splendor of the place.  When they went for food he immediately went for the sweets as he was interested in only them.  His host friend told him

‘Damaru, those are desserts.  They are to be taken last.  Come, first take the starters.’

Damaru was disappointed.  But he grudgingly followed his host.

While eating his friend asked him ‘What is that gives real happiness?’

Damaru said ‘Ah, now you realize why to start with the desserts directly. If you want answer for that you will have to let me take those sweets now.’

The friend smiled and let Damaru do want he wanted.  Then a satisfied Damaru gave right away the dessert his friend needed.

When you wait, you wait forever
When you go for it, you get it forever
A jump into the unknown requires no staircase
Step up on a no step approach
As steps are only known finites

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