Know that you do not know

On the banks of this river many people were coming to do the rituals.  Damaru, the pandit, was having good business on that day.  He would recite something which would look like Sanskrit.  Gullible people would ask him sometimes of the explanation of what he was reciting in the ritual.

To one he would tell: ‘Your forefathers are angry with you.  They want you to repent by arranging religious discourses.’

The Sanskrit verse would remain the same but the explanations would change for different people.

To another he would tell: ‘You need to protect your future generations by giving these oblations.’

To still another: ‘Hell is closer than heaven for you.  Do such and such things to open the doors of heaven.’

An observer was hearing all these.  After one of the customer of Damaru went, he caught hold of him: ‘You are cheating everyone.  You should be punished. You try to show as if you are all-knower but you know nothing.’

Damaru was cool.  He smiled and explained: ‘It is not that I do not know anything.  I know that I do not know.  That much knowing is sufficient with these people who believe that I know something!’

True Religion

People from different religions and sects were having discussion.  Each one was boasting of their religion being the best.  Spurious arguments in favor of their religion were being dished out.  They were merely addressing the adherents of their own religions.  Damaru was listening to all this.  All of a sudden in jumped into the discussion and said ‘My religion is the best, because it does not say that our religion is the best.’  Others asked: ‘It’s strange your religion is not assertive.  What is the name of your religion?’

Damaru: ‘I don’t know the name?’

Others were a bit surprised.  They asked: ‘Then who are your adherents?’

Damaru: ‘Those who are not with you are not with anyone.  And such those who are not with you are with us.’

Others were angry now: ‘You are speaking nonsense now.  Who founded such nonsense religion?’

Damaru: ‘We have no founder.  We never become founders of any religions.  But some of you made some of us as founders of your religions.’

Invaluable Peace

Damaru was enjoying a quite day at home.  All of a sudden he heard some sloganeering and shouting from outside.  He went out to see what the ruckus was all about.  He went towards to crowd to know more.  Suddenly the crowd turned violent and started fighting.  Damaru got trapped in this fight.  Some people gave him also some fists.  When he could manage to run away from this torture back to his home he saw his clothes were in shatters.

His wife asked him ‘What is this mess all about?

Damaru said ‘I do not know.  It could have been because I was having a peaceful day.’

First step is the last

Damaru was eccentric but he was known for his wit.  People liked his company.  Once he was taken to a five start restaurant by his friend who wanted to know from him about Truth.

As soon as Damaru went in he was dazed by the splendor of the place.  When they went for food he immediately went for the sweets as he was interested in only them.  His host friend told him

‘Damaru, those are desserts.  They are to be taken last.  Come, first take the starters.’

Damaru was disappointed.  But he grudgingly followed his host.

While eating his friend asked him ‘What is that gives real happiness?’

Damaru said ‘Ah, now you realize why to start with the desserts directly. If you want answer for that you will have to let me take those sweets now.’

The friend smiled and let Damaru do want he wanted.  Then a satisfied Damaru gave right away the dessert his friend needed.

When you wait, you wait forever
When you go for it, you get it forever
A jump into the unknown requires no staircase
Step up on a no step approach
As steps are only known finites