About PranDhyan

PranDhyanTM is a mystic flower from the heights of Indian Yogic science.  Incomparable depth and beauty – Period!  

Millions of books on any topic of spirituality will fall short of clarity one sees in PranDhyan.

For the lovers of meditation this wine is a must for intoxication! This is no joke – you can find yourself.

This innovation will make you love Sanskrit.  Be prepared to see the unparalleled revival of this beautiful language through these sessions.    

Even an absolute novice reaps benefits from these seminars. The advanced meditation seminars specially cover the detailed in-depth understanding of Yoga kriyas.

To see this magic unfold be: honest, committed, scientific minded and intellectually inclined.  For several deep thinkers and philosophers this is the deepest science they have come across in their entire life.

Are you interested in Indian culture and art like music, dance, Rasa? OK, then come together for the spread of this authentic Indian contribution.

A non-sectarian, all-encompassing loving approach for creation – This is truly a gift to mankind from this Yogi.

  • Incomparable deep meditation
  • Kundalini Chakra Yoga to energize mind and body
  • In-depth scientific details of meditation
  • Experience the power of OM and science behind it
  • Therapeutic benefits for various diseases
  • Clarity and simplicity of spiritual message
  • Spiritual theories come alive in day to day life
  • Interactive question/answer sessions
  • Life changing event for Any experienced or novice meditator