True Religion

People from different religions and sects were having discussion.  Each one was boasting of their religion being the best.  Spurious arguments in favor of their religion were being dished out.  They were merely addressing the adherents of their own religions.  Damaru was listening to all this.  All of a sudden in jumped into the discussion and said ‘My religion is the best, because it does not say that our religion is the best.’  Others asked: ‘It’s strange your religion is not assertive.  What is the name of your religion?’

Damaru: ‘I don’t know the name?’

Others were a bit surprised.  They asked: ‘Then who are your adherents?’

Damaru: ‘Those who are not with you are not with anyone.  And such those who are not with you are with us.’

Others were angry now: ‘You are speaking nonsense now.  Who founded such nonsense religion?’

Damaru: ‘We have no founder.  We never become founders of any religions.  But some of you made some of us as founders of your religions.’

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