Caged - Haiku

chirping birds of all kinds feasting on food - caged

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From Piece to Peace

One is pissed when as a piece
when not a piece one is peace

piecemeal gives birth to piece
a piece gives death to peace

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Glittering Moon - Haiku

agony of high tides
setting sun -
waiting for the full moon

steady river
bed of -
full moon glittering

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There was once i,
There was once you,
Now for once there is We,
And for once we are in Now

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It rains for ALL

when the adherance of dharma
mixes with the spirit of yagna
when the fruits of actions are shared by all
then it simply rains and rains for all

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Let there be light

Let there be light.
a light that starts the drama of creation,
a light that radiates through actions of puppets,

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Let's meet, where only we can

Creation is meeting-meeting play of one
One oozes multiplicity to let meeting happen

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Life Moment

O life moment,
give me birth, give me death
when thou art birth, be thou death
a moment lived, be moment died

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Meaning of Life

One went to search meaning of life through means
means only created more means
became impossible to get rid of means through any means
meandering through means made one all too mean

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my words speak silence
my silence speaks words
you will have to listen to

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