Caged – Haiku

chirping birds of all kinds
feasting on food –        

 This haiku brings out a picture which propels us to ask why this cage? what and by whom is this cage? who are these birds? what is freedom?

Body identification is the cage.  All living beings (birds) are carrying this identification.  We are carrying this cage where ever we are.  We go to space but really our movement is limited within this cage.  

All our feasting is part of this cage only.  There are birds of different kinds, different foods and activities; but all withing one cage.  All happiness, feasting limited to cage – prison.  We may decorate the prison, but it is still the prison which suffocates freedom.  

We have become almost habituated to prison life.  Freedom may look risky, wild.  We have started liking unnatural, restricted but secure life.  

We might even give up hope of freedom.  Even when sometimes luckily we see a small window of opportunity opening to fly out we ignore it.

As long as we are in cage there is no chance of freedom.