Awakening by PranDhyan

Whether one is a fully experienced meditator or a novice, one will feel the real awakening of Yoga in daily life. This would be an eye opener, especially if one has scientific temperament.

Countless people have felt the life altering effect of this event.  Every single person (i.e. 100%) who has fully attended the seminar has thanked themselves for attending.  This is just the beginning!

  • PranDhyanTM meditation gets introduced in a rational, gentle manner.  Dissipating energy is channelized to open the store house of energy.  Several centers in the body start to feel the pulsating energy.
  • Kundalini Chakra Yoga to energize mind and body
  • Religious external practices are symbolic.  One gets to scientifically understand the real spiritual practice behind those symbolisms, significance and experience the impact of those real practices.
  • Experientially understand the mind boggling science of Yoga
  • Therapeutic benefits for various diseases
  • Daily life becomes the spirit of Yoga
  • Interactive question/answer sessions

Duration: 12 hours.  Daily 2 hour classes for 6 days.