Company of God can be troublesome

Two priests were riding a scooter at above permissible speed. They were stopped by the police. “Don’t you feel that you were going too fast?” asked the officer.

One of the priests replied, “Have no fear, my son. The Lord is always with us.”
“If that is the case then I will have to fine you, because three are not allowed on a scooter”

 Do not sell your Lord, O priest! Or else Lord’s people have become smarter by Lord’s blessing and they will out smart you.

These priests are always giving fear to people in the name of Lord and when they get caught then they absolve themselves by asking people not to fear as Lord with them. The Lord is both the sword and shield for some of these merchants of religions.

For people to approach God, priests were required. God was priest’s asset. Nowadays, God is turning out to be a liability for priests.

Of course, not all priests are equal and such.