From Piece to Peace

One is pissed when as a piece
when not a piece one is peace

piecemeal gives birth to piece
a piece gives death to peace

bombs put peace to piece
peace put bombs to peace

prizy and many all such piece
price less and One is the peace

attained through all piece no such peace
attained through One peace all such piece

from One peace come all such piece
let all such piece go in One peace

cut piece cuts the peace
One peace show One in piece

— (i is the self, ego here)

a piece of rock is not a piece
the whole of i is not at peace

a piece of rock is a rock of peace
the whole of i is still a piece

crowing crow is at peace
a meditating i is still a piece

moment absent is with piece
moment present is with peace

piece shows peace in piece
peace shows world in peace

piece walks in world of piece
peace walks in world of peace

piece show all such piece
peace show no such piece

— (piece here is i, ego)

peace is pieced when piece touch peace
piece is peaced when peace touch piece 

no presence ever of any piece
no absence ever of One peace

be still to be peace
be pleased to be peace

‘piece’ is used here for ego or objects of world or simply as piece