Know your God

Once during the floods the water started coming inside the temple. The priest went to the top of the temple and started praying God. Just when water started touching his feet, a boat came to rescue him. He refused to enter the boat

saying God would save him. When the water was knee deep, another life saving boat came. He again refused, awaiting God. Finally when the water was near his neck, a helicopter arrived and again he refuses. Eventually he gets drowned.
He goes to heaven and asks God, “I had complete faith in you. What was lacking in my faith? You betrayed me.” God replied, “I betrayed you, you fool, I send you two boats and a helicopter.”

Bhakti towards that God whom we do not know is foolishness.

Where God is not? God is in one who is troubling and also in the one who is helping.

To wait for God is not to know God. When we do not know God how can we wait for Him?

One cannot quickly move towards God; one can only instantly Be with the God.