Let there be light

Let there be light.
a light that starts the drama of creation,
a light that radiates through actions of puppets,
a light that spot lights the various emotions,
a light that gives color to colors.

Let there be light.
a light that removes in you the un-lightened,
a light that awakens in you the en-lightened,
a light that makes you weightless – light,
a light that makes you relax – right. 

Let there be light.
a light that shines the light of knowledge,
a light that brightens the darkness of ego,
a light that slights the ignorance,
a light that removes all wonder and itself remains a wonder.

Let there be light.
a light that lights the awakening like lightening,
a light that lightens the ego,
a light that makes you All delight and delight of all,
a light that makes you The Light.

NOW there is only The Light.
The Light that came to light through a light,
in the twilight of fight is the flight of This Light,
whether you see The Light or not,
NOW there is only The Light – And delight.

The Light that lights all these lights,
let That Light be seen through all these lights.
You are This Light and all these lights.
There is no source of light like You
because all lights through You.

Light means burden-less; light also means no darkness.  And you too are The Light.  These are the various meanings of ‘Light’ that becomes lighted in the light of PranDhyan – a relaxed mind and energetic body,  is a delighted soul. Did it light something in you?

You can see in this poem the echo of Vedic hymn of

Na tatra suryo bhaati na candra taarakam
nemaa vidyuto bhaanti kutoyam agnihi
tameva bhaantam anubhaati sarvam
tasya bhaasa sarvam idam vibhaati

This hymn was sung while welcoming the saints to our house.  It is still a tradition at few places.