Let’s meet, where only we can

Creation is meeting-meeting play of one
One oozes multiplicity to let meeting happen
In this meeting called creation a realization comes, 
To realize one – to meet with our Self

Total melting is total meeting
Creation is to meet
Dissolution is to meet
Everyone meeting everyone, every time and everywhere

This is not time pass
for time also passes due to this meet.
There is no place to meet
for place also finds place due to this meet.
Beyond time, beyond place we can meet.
Let us meet where we can only meet.
Now and here in that meet, 
we meet with real happiness

From one comes multiple
to meet with the unlimited facets of that one.
By meeting those unlimited dimensions, 
One meets with limitlessness of oneself.
One simply is
but one is not limitless; 
unless one meets with one’s limitless nature, 
through meeting many.

Dvaita (duality) is meeting,
Advaita (non-duality) is meeting.
Dvaita and Advaita meeting at the same moment,
That is real meeting.
This is neither Dvaita, nor Advaita,
This is meeting of Dvaita-Advaita.
This meeting of Dvaita-Advaita,
takes one beyond Dvaita-Advaita.

Dvaita without Advaita or Advaita without Dvaita
is really out of scope.
Dvaita is because of Advaita,
Advaita is because of Dvaita.
To know Dvaita, know Advaita;
To know Advait, know Dvaita.
Dvaita is Advaita, Advaita is Dvaita
there is continuous meeting of Dvaita-Advaita.

The one Truth is –
Truth is one and many.
There is without start and without end
meeting of one and many.
As a limited, 
one is in meeting with all the limited.  
As an unlimited, 
all limited are meeting in one.

In worldly meet we meet for some topic, 
there we may meet on a topic without really meeting.
Reality is total meeting without any topic.
Without meeting how can mating happen?  
When two meet in oneness, mating automatically happens.  
What is needed is meeting, 
an unavoidable meeting; 
an already happening meeting.

Sweet meeting of Oneness and multiplicity is forever going on.  One and many are incomplete without each other.  They find their completeness in their meeting.  In a way Truth is beyond the concepts and paths of Dvaita and Advaita.  It is a land where both Dvaita and Advaita meet.  This poem is to bring out this understanding.

In some of the Indian languages, ‘Meet’ means a dear, sweet one.  When ‘meet se preet judi’ then ‘meet’ becomes ‘mitra’.  ‘Mitra’ means a dear friend.  If you meet with what is said here, you are my ‘meet’.  If you do not meet with what is said here, you are still my ‘meet’; because meeting cannot be avoided.  

Meeting in Sankrit means ‘Milan’ (or more correctly melanam).  ‘Milan’ is always ‘madhur’ (sweet).  If there is no sweetness there is no ‘milan’ (meeting).  (It looks like here there is meeting of languages also.)

It seems like only our babus (government servants) have understood the importance of meeting.  As it is said the outcome of their meeting is the decision on the schedule of next meet!  They never meet with work; they meet with just words.

Anyway, we will have to contend with meeting through words of this poem currently.  This poem may require further explanation.  For that we will have to wait for a face to face meet or through more words later.