Seminar experiences

Few of the seminar experiences providing a glimpse:

  • PranDhyan is like delving into fathomless ocean of knowledge. Time devoted reaps rewards beyond expectations.  Mitravar Manektala

  • I was having frequent swelling in legs due to high blood pressure.  No amount of medicines, including the alternative medicines was helping much.  I attended this seminar for full day.  On the second day morning I discovered the swelling has gone.  It is now almost three years, but surprisingly has not experienced swelling anytime now.  Ajit Singh
  • I have been part of the group since more than a year. I have attended several well-known meditation courses; but out of them this is the best mediation I have ever undergone by a big distance. Very deep understanding. – Pravin Mehta
  • While travelling in the train usually I used to remain in the pre-occupied thought process.  Now I am able to remain sensitive to the present moment.  Those moments I could experience the peace and bliss. – Surekha madhvi

  • Can there be this much energy in body?  It felt as if an aero plane was filled with fuel and was ready was take off! – Rajmadh asava

  • I came to know of a new outlook of Vedanta in spite of learning it for so many years.  The questions of Guruji makes one ponder over Vedantic principles in a very fresh and different manner.  Those questions which were troubling me since long came out of Guruji’s mouth on its own in all simplicity. – Daksha Kamdar

  • It felt like the whole body has become light and relaxed, like some rhythm had annihilated all my problems.  It felt like several gods and goddesses were present in the class today.  – Nalini Bhabhalia

  • Indescribable – Dinesh Bhuva

  • I never expected this in-depth science behind the normal Yoga that we were doing.  In this seminar I learnt a lot of new things, of these many are such that I cannot describe in words, only one can experience it. Minal Gandhi