When nothing remains one get all

Once the priests of different religions met and started chatting about the donations gathered from the devotees.

The Muslim priest said, “I draw a crescent on the ground. Then I throw all the money into the air. Whatever falls on the crescent goes to the mosque and the balance remains with me.”

The Christian priest said, “I do the similar. I throw all throw all the money into the air after drawing a cross. Whatever falls on the cross goes to the church and the balance to me.”

The Hindu priest said he was using the same procedure after drawing the OM symbol.

Now they all looked at the Sikh priest who said, “I am a devotee of God. So I throw all the money into the air. Whatever God takes it is His and whatever balance if He send me then I accept it as His Prasad.”

We are very clever at cheating mosques, churches, temples and even God. Behind fine arguments lies naked truth of greed. We may even have arguments for this greed.

The priest is sometimes the farthest from the God. His income depends upon whatever God leaves for him. If God starts to actually take the Prasad offered by people then we may stop this offering also. Initially we may rush to offer to Prasad eating God; but later once this becomes normal we may even stop offering Prasad.

When nothing remains one gets All. When God takes away all our pennies (ego) that we throw at Him, then we get All. Are you ready to throw all your collected donations at this all taking God? If yes, then he leaves behind All.